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Seattle 2023

Program committee

About the Program Committee

Our program committee take responsibility for planning and shaping the program of Flink Forward. They make sure to rate talks in different dimensions to create a balanced program including deeply technical talks and high-level use cases. Diversity is also a crucial aspect for the program committee - they strive to improve and support the presence of underrepresented groups at the conference.

Flink Forward

Program committee members

Jing Ge

Head Of Engineering
@ Ververica

Chair of Program Committee

Jing Ge is currently leading engineering teams at Ververica that develop everything about Apache Flink and multi-cloud enterprise data platform. Prior to that, he worked at Ant Group and eBay as Staff Engineer and Sr. Engineering Manager and leading full data stack, from data infra, data platform, data modelling, to customer facing data driven product.

Robert Metzger

Staff Engineer
@ Decodable

Program Committee Member

Committer and PMC Member @ApacheFlink; Co-Founded data Artisans; Member of the Apache Software Foundation. Robert Metzger is a committer and PMC member at Apache Flink. Recently, he has focused on improving the deployment and operation experience of Flink, with a focus on autoscaling and generally working towards cloud native Flink. Robert Metzger is currently a Staff Engineer at Decodable. He previously co-founded and successfully exited data Artisans (now Ververica), the company originally creating and commercializing Flink. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as the QCon, ApacheCon and meetups around the world.

Ramayan Tiwari

Engineering Lead
@ Netflix

Program Committee Member

Ramayan Tiwari is an engineering lead in the Data and Insights group at Netflix, overseeing the ingestion and processing of user behavior and app analytics events. He has been a key contributor to the systems and datasets that power personalization and machine learning at Netflix. Ramayan's interest and expertise lie in building and operating large-scale distributed systems, distributed data stores, and messaging systems. Before Netflix, Ramayan worked at Cruise Automation to develop storage solutions for events generated from self-driving cars, Salesforce in their distributed job scheduler, and Amazon's metadata service.

Matteo Merli

@ StreamNative

Program Committee Member

Matteo is the CTO at StreamNative, where he brings rich experience in distributed pub-sub messaging platforms. Matteo was one of the co-creators of Apache Pulsar during his time at Yahoo!. Matteo then co-founded Streamlio with Sijie Guo, and later served as the Senior Principal Software Engineer at Splunk post-acquisition. Matteo is the PMC Chair of Apache Pulsar, where he helps to guide the community and ensure the success of the Pulsar project. He is also a PMC member for Apache BookKeeper. Matteo lives in Menlo Park, California.

Lakshmi Rao

Staff Enginee
@ Stripe

Program Committee Member

Lakshmi is a Staff Engineer at Stripe working on the stream analytics team that builds core real-time analytics infrastructure underpinned by Apache Pinot. Prior to Stripe, Lakshmi worked on building stream processing platforms at Splunk and Lyft using Apache Flink. She has been a contributor to the Apache Flink project and also co-authored the open-source lyft/flinkk8soperator.

Jark Wu

Staff Software Engineer
@ Alibaba Cloud

Program Committee Member

Jark Wu serves as the Head of Flink SQL at Alibaba Cloud. He is devoted to building a fully-managed Apache Flink service on Alibaba Cloud. Furthermore, Jark is a PMC member and Committer of the Apache Flink project. He has dedicated eight years to working on Flink SQL and is credited with creating the Flink CDC project.

Chen Qin

Engineering Manager
@ Pinterest

Program Committee Member

Chen serves as engineering manager of the Pinterest stream processing and near real time ML platform. His team has been working on three areas, solid and stable platform for tier 0 near real time workloads, unified scalable and easy to use ML building blocks for Pinterest near real time ML workloads, hardware accelerator native support and streaming data governance. Platform adoption has grown from 0 to more than 150 use cases in last three years.

Becket Qin

Principal Staff Software Engineer
@ LinkedIn

Program Committee Member

Becket is a PMC member of Apache Flink and Apache Kafka. He is interested in stream and batch unification of computing engines and storage systems. Becket currently works at LinkedIn streams infra team on Apache Flink. Prior to that, he was at Alibaba leading the development of Flink SQL, Flink Connectors, Flink CEP, PyFlnk, Flink ML among other Flink ecosystem projects.

Francesco Tisiot

Staff Developer Advocate
@ Aiven

Program Committee Member

Francesco comes from Verona, Italy and works as a Staff Developer Advocate at Aiven. With his many years of experience as a data engineer, he has stories to tell and advice for data-wranglers everywhere. Francesco loves sharing knowledge with others as a speaker and writer, and is on a mission to defend the world from bad Italian food!

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