Flink Forward


Find out more about Flink Forward, Apache Flink® and Ververica

Flink Forward is your conference for all things streaming data and Apache Flink!

We’re proud to celebrate Apache Flink's 10-year anniversary and return to where it all began - Berlin!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the program this year offers 2 optional days of training, followed by an expanded 2-day conference event.

It’s everything you expect from a Flink Forward event, plus more sessions and special commemorative surprises!

Flink Forward

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Ververica enables its customers to unlock the value of their data. Ververica’s comprehensive streaming data platform supports a wide range of deployment options from a fully-managed, cloud-native service (Ververica Cloud) to on-premise software (Ververica Platform). Founded by the original creators of open-source Apache Flink®, Ververica has the experience and knowledge to continue leading the innovation of streaming data technologies.

This leadership is demonstrated through contributions to open-source software projects, an extensive streaming data learning environment (Ververica Academy), and leading the Apache Flink and streaming data conference, Flink Forward. Discover more at www.ververica.com.

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