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Apache Flink® & everything streaming data

Berlin 2024

October 21-24 2024


Flink Forward Berlin 2024 tickets are on sale now!

Elevate your streaming game, connect with Flink experts, and drive your career forward. Choose either to attend 2 days of conference only or add-on exclusive training sessions for a total of 4 days

Bootcamp Training

The Bootcamp Program is a 2-day fast-moving, hands-on training course for developers who are new to Flink and who want to learn what Flink offers for developing streaming applications. We will cover all of the core concepts and hard-to-pick-up-on-your-own topics from our Apache Flink course materials.

Deep Dive Masterclass

Already familiar with Flink? Unlock the full potential of real time stream processing during an exclusive 2 day masterclass that includes 4 half-day sessions, each a deep dive into a different topic. Each of the four sessions is moderated by Apache Flink PMC Members and Flink experts from Ververica.

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Pawel Leszczynski Openlineage contributor GetInData
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Data practitioner with decade long experience, holding PhD in distributed databases. Currently fully involved in Openlineage - an open platform for collection and analysis of data lineage with special focus on automatic lineage extraction.

Zhenqiu Huang Software Engineeer Apple
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Zhenqiu Huang has been in Apache Flink Community for many years. He has been building Streaming Platform in Uber Technology and Apple Inc for last several years. Recently, he worked with Openlineage community on building data Lineage for Apache Flink applications.

Yuan Mei Director of Engineering Alibaba
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Dr. Yuan Mei is a PMC member of the Apache Flink project focusing on the State and Runtime stack. She is the Director of Engineering at Alibaba and leads the Flink storage engine team. She is also the architect of Flink Engine. Before joining Alibaba, Dr. Mei was a research scientist at Facebook, leading and developing various streaming systems. She holds a Ph.D. from MIT CSAIL.
Xuannan Su Software engineer Alibaba Group
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Xuannan is a software engineer at Alibaba. He is focusing on the development of Apache Flink and its ecosystem after he received his master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 2019. 
Xintong Song Staff Software Engineer Alibaba Cloud
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Xintong Song is a Staff Software Engineer and leads a team that works in Flink’s distributed execution framework at Alibaba Cloud. He is also an Apache Flink PMC member and committer, the starter and promoter of Flink 2.0. He holds a Ph.D. from Peking University.
Xingcan Cui Software Engineer
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Xingcan Cui is a committer for Apache Flink. He currently works as a software engineer at, leading the development and management of the data platform and pipelines. With over a decade of experience specializing in backend development, data management, and data infrastructure, he is interested in database theories and distributed systems, particularly distributed stream processing.
Tucker Harvey Software Engineer Pinterest
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Tucker Harvey graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2022. Currently, he is part of the Streaming Data Processing team at Pinterest, where he works on Flink as a Service to support various streaming use cases within the company. Prior to this, he interned at Pinterest on both the Batch Data Processing team and the Query Platform team, gaining valuable experience in large-scale data processing and real-time data query systems.
Lu Niu Sr Staff Software Engineer Pinterest
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Lu Niu is the founding member and current Tech Lead of the Streaming Data Processing team at Pinterest. Prior to joining Pinterest, he played a pivotal role in building Presto as a Service at Uber. Lu is passionate about big data and distributed systems, and has contributed to several prominent projects including Flink, Presto, and Velox. 
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Day 1

Monday, Oct 21


Day 2

Tuesday, Oct 22


Day 3

Wednesday, Oct 23

Keynote sessions

Day 4

Thursday, Oct 24

Flink Fest
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Flink Forward is your conference for all things streaming data and Apache Flink!

We’re proud to celebrate Apache Flink's 10-year anniversary and return to where it all began - Berlin!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the program this year offers 2 optional days of training, followed by an expanded 2-day conference event.

It’s everything you expect from a Flink Forward event, plus more sessions and special commemorative surprises!

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