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Berlin 2024




This year, Ververica and the Apache Flink Community have a lot to celebrate, including the 10th anniversary of Apache Flink.

By popular demand, Flink Forward Berlin 2024 has been extended to a 4-day program to accommodate the festivities!

Join 2 days of optional in-person expert Flink training courses, followed by 2 full conference days.

Check the agenda to select the training course that fits your prior knowledge and interests!

The main event includes 2 days packed with exciting content, including sessions selected by the Program Committee and presented by Apache Flink community members in-person from around the world.

Deep Dive Masterclass

Track 1

Track 2

Day 1

Morning session

Apache Flink: From Data to Intelligence
Flink SQL Origins and Future

Day 1

Afternoon session

Bridging Data Silos with Flink CDC
Evolving to a Streaming Lakehouse with Apache Flink

Day 2

Morning session

Flink SQL Origins and Future
Apache Flink: From Data to Intelligence

Day 2

Afternoon session

Evolving to a Streaming Lakehouse with Apache Flink
Bridging Data Silos with Flink CDC

Ververica Bootcamp Program

The Ververica Bootcamp Program is an intensive training initiative that transforms Apache Flink users into proficient data processing professionals. By translating complex Flink concepts into practical exercises rooted in real-world scenarios, we empower participants to tackle their toughest data challenges. Leveraging Ververica Cloud services, participants gain a deep understanding of Flink and learn to optimize the scalability and efficiency of their cloud-based solutions. This program is not just about learning; it’s about mastering Apache Flink and leading the future of data processing.

Level Up Your Stream Processing Skills

This intensive, 2-day face-to-face program is designed for Apache Flink users with 2-4 years of experience who want to take their skills to the intermediate level. We'll delve into advanced Flink concepts and techniques, empowering you to build and deploy highly scalable and efficient real-time data processing pipelines. Leveraging Ververica Cloud services, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Flink and explore best practices for production deployments.

Target Audience:

Apache Flink users with 2-4 years of experience who are comfortable with core concepts and want to become proficient in advanced functionalities.

Key Topics

  • Advanced Windowing Operations
  • Time Management Strategies
  • State Management Techniques
  • Performance Optimization
  • Flink SQL Functions
  • Table API Features
  • Custom Connectors Design
  • Scalability Optimization
  • Machine Learning Integration
  • Feature Engineering
  • Secure Deployments
  • High Availability
  • Fault Tolerance

Learning Outcomes

  • Master Advanced Windowing Operations in Apache Flink:
      • Understand and implement session windows, tumbling/sliding windows with triggers, and time management strategies (Event Time, Processing Time, Ingestion Time) in Flink.
  • Optimize State Management for High Performance in Flink Applications:
      • Apply advanced state management techniques including state partitioning and RocksDB integration, and optimize state size and access patterns for enhanced performance.
  • Develop Complex Real-Time Analytics Pipelines Using Flink SQL & Table API:
      • Utilize the advanced functionalities of Flink SQL, including UDFs and Table Functions, and master the Flink Table API for unified data transformations and real-time analytics.
  • Design and Implement Custom Flink Connectors for Diverse Data Sources:
    • Build and integrate custom connectors for specific data sources and sinks, and interface Flink with non-standard data sources to extend its connectivity.
  • Scale and Optimize Flink Applications:
      • Deploy Flink applications for containerized environments, and implement strategies for horizontal and vertical scalability on Ververica Cloud.
  • Integrate Machine Learning with Apache Flink for Real-Time Analytics:
      • Implement real-time machine learning tasks using Apache Flink ML, and apply advanced feature engineering techniques for streaming data to prepare data for machine learning models.
  • Ensure High Availability and Security in Flink Deployments:
    • Deploy Flink applications with high availability configurations and disaster recovery plans, and implement security best practices for authentication, authorization, and securing access to Flink applications and Ververica Cloud resources.

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