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San Francisco 2022

August 1-3 2022

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Flink Forward is the conference dedicated to Apache Flink and stream processing community.

Flink Forward is the conference dedicated to Apache Flink and stream processing community. We’re excited to announce that Flink Forward San Francisco 2022 will be taking place August 1-3 2022 for an in-person event.

Kicking off, we start with 2 full days of training sessions for Apache Flink®, followed by the conference. Flink Forward gives you the tools to upskill yourself and immerse you with the Flink ecosystem through: keynotes, technical talks, Flink user cases and many more topics on stream processing and real-time analytics.

To conclude the event we invite you to join our celebration evening; Flink Fest! A time to network with your industry peers as we celebrate Flink Forward San Francisco 2022 together.

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Ethan Guo Data Engineer Onehouse
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Ethan Guo is a Software Engineer at Onehouse, working on building and optimizing the next generation of Lakehouse. He's an Apache Hudi committer, passionate about streaming processing and Lakehouse architecture. Previously, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Uber, building mobile observability and data pipelines for monitoring Uber's mobile network performance in production on a global scale.
Kunal Umrigar Software Engineer ThousandEyes
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Kunal Umrigar is an Engineering Leader with more than 14 years of experience designing big data platforms and distributed systems. He is a Sr. Engineering Manager at ThousandEyes, leads the alerts team to build stream processing pipelines that identify network anomalies in real-time. Prior to this, Kunal worked as Sr. Director, Engineering at PubMatic to build a big data platform that processed petabytes of data to power and optimize ad serving algorithms. He is a data and ML enthusiast always thrilled to solve tough problems, build a high-performance team and deliver quality software.
Balint Kurnasz Software Engineer ThousandEyes
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Balint Kurnasz is a Software Engineering Technical Leader at Cisco ThousandEyes; he is the lead architect of ThousandEyes' real-time alerting platform built using Flink. He has 12 years of experience as a Java and 5 years as a Kotlin software engineer with a primary focus on distributed systems development. In his spare time he enjoys scubadiving and flying FPV racing drones.
Aansh Shah Software Development Engineer Amazon
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Aansh is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon working on making Alexa smarter through enabling machine learning at scale.
Jeff Chao Tech Leadership Stripe
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Jeff Chao is a Staff Software Engineer and tech lead for the Change Data Capture infrastructure at Stripe. He is also a committer for the Debezium Vitess Connector. Previously, Jeff worked on streaming systems at Netflix and was a committer to Mantis, and operated Kafka as a service at Heroku.
Sharon Xie Tech Leadership Decodable
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Sharon has been building and maintaining data platforms for over 5 years. She is a founding engineer at Decodable and leads the core platform team. Before Decodable, Sharon worked at Splunk on another real-time data platform - Data Stream Processor. Before that she spent most of her time learning "new" UI libraries every year.
Ron Crocker Tech Leadership New Relic
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Ron is a New Relic Fellow and Lead Architect for the Observability team at New Relic. In his almost 8 years at New Relic, he has overseen exponential growth in the amount of data New Relic processes on behalf of our customers. Prior to New Relic, Ron was a Fellow of the Technical Staff at Motorola where he was a key contributor and leader in the development of digital cellular technology through 4G. He is named as an inventor on over 35 issued patents.
Patrick Lucas Tech Leadership Atomic Wire
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Patrick Lucas is a co-founder of Atomic Wire, focusing on bringing Stream Processing to financial services. Previously, he was Senior Data Engineer at Ververica, developing Ververica Platform, and Software Engineer and Engineering Manager in infrastructure and operations at Yelp.

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Tuesday, Aug 2


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Wednesday, Aug 3

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