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Global Conference 2020

October 19
October 20-21

About the Program Committee

Our program committee take responsibility for planning and shaping the program of Flink Forward. They make sure to rate talks in different dimensions to create a balanced program including deeply technical talks and high-level use cases. Diversity is also a crucial aspect for the program committee - they strive to improve and support the presence of underrepresented groups at the conference.

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Program Committee Members

Jiangjie Qin

Jiangjie (Becket) Qin

Staff Software Engineer at Alibaba

Program Committee Chair 

Jiangjie (Becket) is a software engineer at Alibaba where he mostly focuses on developing Flink and its ecosystem. Prior to Alibaba, Becket worked at LinkedIn to build streams infrastructures around Apache Kafka. Becket is a PMC member of Apache Flink and Apache Kafka.


Seth Wiesman

Solutions Architect at Ververica

Program Committee Chair

Seth Wiesman is a Solutions Architect at Ververica, where he works with engineering teams inside of various organizations to build the best possible stream processing architecture for their use cases.