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Health & Safety Guidelines

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Seattle 2023

November 6-7
November 8

What is Ververica doing to keep attendees' health and safety a priority?

For everyone planning to attend Ververica’s upcoming events, please know that your health and safety is Ververica’s primary concern. Ververica is committed to ensuring all those attending in-person at Ververica Flink Forward Conference will feel safe and comfortable to do so. We are implementing additional safety measures in conjunction with the venues and state/local guidelines. Ververica will follow the State of Washington, local governments, CDC and WHO’s safety rules and guidelines as it pertains to COVID, and we encourage everyone to follow the CDC’s advice to limit the spread of COVID-19 as well. Please visit cdc.gov for the most up-to-date guidance.

As COVID-19 and pertinent health & safety guidelines evolve, these guidelines will continue to be adapted and updated to have the safest event possible. All those planning to attend in-person can expect the following measures:

Attendance Requirements

Facial Covering:

  • Attendees may wear a facial covering during the event.
  • We will have facial coverings at our registration desk for you, if you chose to wear one

Social Distancing

  • For the safety of all attendees, Ververica has adjusted the event’s layouts (including seating arrangements) and guidelines to promote physical distancing, where possible.

Hand Washing & Sanitation

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the meeting space, at registration, and in the lobby area
  • Those in attendance will be expected to frequently wash and sanitize their hands

Air Circulation

  • The meeting hotels assure us that their air filtration and air mass refresh levels are at the highest quality, consistent with the hotel’s best practices

Onsite Testing

  • Antigen testing kits will be available on site and provided to attendees upon request


  • Ververica suggests that attendees refrain from shaking hands and instead use non-contact forms of greeting, such as a wave or thumbs up.

Health Check

  • Ververica requests all attendees, speakers, and suppliers evaluate their own health and that of those they’re in close contact with. We encourage all attendees that are sick or showing symptoms of illness to stay home.
  • Pre-Event: Those with an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 should not attend the event until after consulting with a medical professional. If sickness prevents you from traveling and attending, please contact us to update your travel plans and to cancel the ticket.
  • On-site: As a precaution, if you are exhibiting COVID-related symptoms on-site during the Flink Forward Seattle event, please self-monitor and report it to the event organizers. 
  • We ask that you alert us at hello@flink-forward.org as soon as possible if you become medically certified as COVID positive. We will inform attendees at the event that you might have had close contact with

COVID Onsite

  • If a person tests positive onsite, we will alert those who have been exposed immediately. For those exposed, a rapid COVID test will be made available upon request. 
  • If you test positive, we request that the individual go into self-isolation and begin the quarantine process. If symptoms persist we recommend you consult a healthcare professional


COVID Post-Event

  • If you contract COVID post-event within 24 hours of departure, please ask that you notify us at hello@flink-forward.org
  • Each registrant is responsible for complying fully with the Health and Safety Guidelines and all posted instructions onsite for the health and safety of all attendees.
  • By attending Ververica Flink Forward Conference, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.